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The Build
Every instrument is build without the aide of computers, assembly line or tricks, everything is done like is was, "When rock was young". We build with heart and soul, and age them with a bit of madness, we use traditional woods, but guitar bodies are exclusively build in light weight mahogany.
The Look
Ageing or Relic'ing is one of the things that make us tick, we love the way relic guitars, sound and look, playability one of the most important things if it feels right it is right!
The Sound
Wood is the most important elements when building instruments. we experimented with a lot of different woods, they all have different tonal qualities. The result is not to be mistaken when you hit the strings. The sound is crisp and vibrant, as one would expect from an expensive vintage instrument, to aide this we use our own pickups and almost all hardware is made in-shop.
We are also able to repair other manufacturers instruments at Hansen Guitars. You are welcome to contact us for more information!


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